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about us (really me)

twelve years ago I got started in the medical supply business. five years ago my wife and I welcomed the sweetest & cutest (not biased at all) baby girl into the world. she completely changed our lives and how we wanted to live; how we wanted and needed to take care of ourselves for her. stay healthy and physically able to play with her and keep up with her (help me!).

father time has been slowly creepin' in too. things inside are creaking, skin is looking a little old, and my hair isn't sprouting like it used to. i think she's perfect, but wifey says she's feeling the same. we both started trying powdered collagen but just wasn't loving it. i didn't love having to mix two big scoops into drinks, and also not knowing how much my body was actually absorbing and using.

so, two years ago i decided to tap into one of my medical business relationships. i wanted to bring to the market a clinically-proven, medical-grade liquid collagen with a known absorbency and that is also easy to take. this way i know what my body (and yours) is truly absorbing. a couple years later, FULL BODY IMPACT was created!

i want you to enjoy it as much as i do. more importantly, i want you to see and feel the IMPACT! (see what i did there?)


clay, founder