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Why Full Body Impact Liquid Collagen?

Our name says it all - FULL BODY IMPACT. From your hair down to your toes, inside and out, see AND feel the impact our hydrolyzed liquid collagen protein has on your body.

Collagen supplements help support healthy, more youthful skin, stronger nails and luscious hair, gut health, joints & bones, and post-workout recovery, but what makes our liquid collagen so much better than other sources? 


Full Body Impact is committed to providing a medical-grade hydrolyzed collagen protein supplement that is of the highest quality. We make our product in an SQF (Safe Quality Foods) certified and FDA registered facility.

Hold your phone... here's where the effectiveness comes in. Our liquid collagen protein is specially formulated to provide your body with 16 grams of porcine collagen per serving. Porcine collagen is more similar to human collagen so our bodies will absorb and accept it better that bovine and marine collagen. We've broken down the collagen particles to nearly 3,000 daltons (fancy measuring term) while collagen powders are 300,000 daltons!! This allows your body to absorb nearly 100% of all 16 grams of protein in just 15 minutes! Unlike powders and pills, your body is going to use all of the collagen and not waste/flush it down the toilet.


Branch-chained Amino Acids play a HUGE role in our bodies. Amino acids are used to build proteins in our body. These proteins are essential for building tissue, nails, blood, and functional organs. Full Body Impact contains all 20 amino acids including the 9 essential ones! The one that sets us apart from all the rest is Arginine. We have more Arginine than any other collagen supplement out there. We pack 2.5 grams of Arginine per serving. Why is this important? Arginine keeps your skin firm, plump and smooth. Have dry skin? Arginine hydrates dry skin and restores moisture. What about fine lines and wrinkles? Arginine is known for its anti-aging effects and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is the amino acid that helps the body build protein!

Want to learn more about all the amino acids in our collagen? Check out the "amino acids in our collagen" section under "why our collagen?"

collagen supporting a healthy appearance & insides

our bodies produce less collagen as we age, but these proteins are integral to our flexibility and healthy exterior and interior.

collagen builds and strengthens bone matrix. by replacing lost collagen, it may help reduce knee, back, joint and other chronic pain!

our liquid collagen tastes great and is easy to drink so you can get on with your day.

our collagen is the ideal post-workout protein supplement

the combination of collagen's high bioavailability with high amino acid (BCAA's) content makes it optimal post-exercise nutrition that rapidly absorbs and can quickly work to help repair and replenish proteins broken down during exercise.

Full Body Impact isn't just for beautiful, glowing skin or healthy, strong, growing hair; it is also promotes lean muscle mass by feeding your muscles with medical-grade protein and BCAA's.

we're simply the best together

research shows that types I and III collagen are helpful for supporting healthy skin, hair, nails, and joints. we use hydolyzed kosher porcine collagen so your body can more quickly absorb it and you can get to living your best life.